how to take gmail backup

Backup Gmail Accounts

How To Take Backup Gmail: Here Is A Solution Available!

The mail service by Google "Gmail" had brought a revolution in the cloud messaging arena. With time, popularity of this web based email client touched the sky and it became one of the highly utilized services for emailing. Nevertheless, when outages of the services and its consequences came into limelight, a hike in need for Gmail Backup solutions were notified but the biggest challenge was how to take backup Gmail to hard disk?

To the query that anticipated a reliable answer, Gmail Backup software was introduced in the market that brought a flexible solution to interrupted service, data loss and deletion issues. The software application was developed with a platform that allowed downloading emails, contacts, calendars and drive documents from Google account to local machine.

Attributes of Gmail Backup Tool

The software provides following facilities to backup data of Google mail service accounts:

  • Emails:
    • The messages can be converted into PST, MSG, EML, and MBOX file.
    • Emails after downloaded can be deleted permanently from the Server.
    • Messages of a defined time-interval can be downloaded on machine.
  • Contacts: For contacts, vCard VCF file is being created by the software application.
  • Calendars: Calendar entries of Google user account can be saved in ICS file format.
  • Documents: Drive documents can be saved in their latest supportive file formats.

Added Benefits with the Tool

  • One or multiple Gmail accounts can be backed up at once with the tool
  • Internet bandwidth can be set for data downloading using “Throttle Settings”
  • Resume button provided so that large sized backup can be taken accordingly

Things to Remember:

  • Username & Password is important for account existence test and security purpose
  • Multiple accounts can be selected through CSV file (invalid accounts will be skipped)

To check the procedure of how to take backup Gmail, trial version of the tool can be downloaded that allows downloading 100 emails and 25 other items for satisfaction in product.